Bringing an alternative view on the world into focus

Bringing an alternative view on the world into focus

Bringing an alternative view on the world into focusBringing an alternative view on the world into focus


Lastest Article - 29/02/2020

Socialist Hysteria

The developed world finds itself in the midst of a 'socialist hysteria' meltdown in which one word sound bites have become the tool with which to silence dissenting voices and push an agenda that is based on ill-informed opinions and gut instinct, causing more harm than good. The recent reoccurring capitalist failure (2008 financial crisis) has helped fuel the distain for financial institutions et al that have caused twelve years of austerity and hardship. Yet bizarrely the election of Donald Trump in the USA and the Brexit vote in the UK has reflected a growing fightback by conservatives and true libertarian sick of listening to continuous unrelenting rhetoric of corrupt socialist agendas.

For several decades the socialist agenda has been represented as the only way forward. This agenda front and centre throughout most societies is presented by the media as the only affective answer to the woes of our modern world. If ones says something often enough and loud enough it often becomes true....

If you repeat a lie often enough, people will believe it, and you will even come to believe it yourself. (Joseph Goebbels.)

The far left and middle income intellectuals have discarded the mainstream religions and have founded a new religion, to embrace 'Climate Change' a one size fits all philosophy that will solve all the world's problems and give mankind (Oops sorry humankind) a sustainable and righteous future.

Like religion (based on myths and stories), 'Climate Change' based on bad science and political manipulation has saturated the minds of many eradicating the once disciplined mind from addressing the issue properly. For socialist and left leaning governments this has become a godsend allowing them to tax the shit out of the taxpayers under the guise of environmentalism.

For most of the world's population living below or barely above the poverty level it is just another nail in their coffin of existence. The rich and Hollywood elites parade around in their jets going from one 'Climate' conference to another espousing the virtues of climate change, concern and the soon destruction of mankind.

To hammer home their issues they have found a Swedish child (17 years old) with mental health issues, Greta Thunberg who has made a name if nothing else by berating the establishment, adults and those who do not fall into the climate change narrative.

She of course knows actually nothing about the issue but rolls out the set number of sound bites carefully crafted to resonate with those too lazy or stupid to do their own research or those committed Social Justice Warriors who have bought into the religion.

All of this piled onto the various other economic problems faced by nations makes for depressing reading and the future looks bleak.

Of course it is not. What is lacking from government both the left and the right is a disciplined approach rather than pandering to their constituency and trying to win the next election.

That CO2 increase has an adverse lasting effect on the planet is absurd, it simply does not but that we are not looking after the planet is very obvious. The solutions offered at the moment are only part affective. The rush to electric cars sounds great but not really good for the planet. In about ten years we will face an environmental catastrophe with millions of batteries needing recycling. 

The production and mining of materials needed in batteries is already an issue.

Should we be weaning ourselves off gasoline products? Yes. I have always thought hydrogen (Hydrogen is the most abundant chemical substance in the universe, constituting roughly 75% of all baryonic mass) is the way to go. It is clean giving off water from the exhaust pipe. Now there are some issues of manufacture and distribution but these can easily be solved. If as much money had gone into Hydrogen car development as battery power the issues would have been solved years ago.

(To be continued)

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